RI Pawtucket Police Dispatcher Never Investigated for Refusing to Send a Rescue and Woman Dies

While the person who dialed RI E911 and begged and even demanded a medical rescue and help, Victor Colebut, has been unlawfully incarcerated at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institute (ACI) Intake Service Center (ISC) in Cranston for more than FOUR (4) Years and the dispatcher, Michael Fidalgo, has not been held accountable for his willful disregard for life. Why is that?

As Kristine Ohler lay unresponsive and Victor Colebut cried and begged for help medical assistance, life-saving equipment and transportation to the hospital was just one minute away. Less than a mile away, only 0.3 miles. However, due to Michael Fidalgo’s willful disregard for human life medical assistance and the rescue were delayed for a total of thirty-three (33) minutes.

It Took 33 Minutes for the Rescue to Arrive and One Hour and Eleven Minutes for Kristine Ohler to Arrive at Miriam Hospital

Victor Colebut dialed RI E911 at 12:27:26 AM and Kristine Ohler arrived at and was admitted to Miriam Hospital at 1:38 AM and she was later pronounced dead. This medical emergency occurred prior to covid19 and it was after midnight so neither the pandemic or traffic had any impact on the delay. If the hospital was less than 3 miles away then why did it take more than an hour and eleven minutes for Kristine Ohler to arrive?

What Motivated Pawtucket Dispatcher’s Willful and Wanton Conduct – Is Michael Fidalgo a Racist Wannabe Detective

Why did the Pawtucket dispatcher handle a medical emergency 911 call as he did? Listen to the 911 call that Victor Colebut made and you clearly hear Fidalgo’s “tough guy” attitude and tone when he is connected to the call. The RI E911 Call Taker sounded unsure of himself and intimidated by the dispatcher. If you listen to the complete call and then read an article that Jon Baker published and consider evidence that the state and defense has had in their possession then you get a clearer picture. The circumstantial evidence tells a compelling story that draws a very disturbing conclusion.

According to Jon Baker of the PawtucketTimes.com in an article on PressReader dated September 21, 2021 Fidalgo requested RI E911 caller information and that is confidential information. Michael Fidalgo was not a law enforcement officer he was/is a civilian employee of the Pawtucket Police Department. He was not the RI E 911 caller. Did the Pawtucket Fire violate the RI E 911 confidentiality law?

“Dispatcher Michael Fidalgo contacted Pawtucket Fire for the calling party information for each report in an effort to see if it was the same party calling in all of the fires. However, each report was called in by a different person.

Police Dispatcher Michael Fidalgo’s Implicit Biases and Hatred of Certain Groups of People Influenced His Decisions and a Life was Lost

This is extremely important because a civilian police dispatcher, Michael Fidalgo, was, as we see, doing his own investigations on Rhode Island E911 callers – profiling. Mr. Colebut was living at 65 Fountain Street on the 3rd floor in Pawtucket as he stated several times during the 911 call on February 17, 2020 which is a three family house. It is not an “apartment building” as the police falsely reported. The residents who lived in this house received rental assistance and were members of a protected group of people – they had known histories of homelessness, drug and alcohol addictions and/or mental health issues. It is also a known fact that individuals in these groups more likely than not have some sort of prior arrest records. Domestic Disorderly charges in Rhode Island are out of control.

Michael Fidalgo’s utter disgust and hatred for those individuals more likely than not motivated him to do what he did. The Pawtucket Police Communication dispatcher was, and may still be, profiling 911 callers based on their race, economic circumstances, addictions and gender. As an employee of the Pawtucket Police Department, civilian or otherwise, profiling is a biased practice.

The language in the Pawtucket Police policies regarding Biased Practices leads one to believe that “profiling a protected group of individuals” is okay in certain circumstances. Micheal Fidalgo was so busy investigating the 911 medical emergency call and setting up Mr. Colebut to be arrested that he did not care at all about the female who was unresponsive. Michael Fidalgo made sure that Kristine Ohler did not get the immediate medical care that may have saved her life as it had did many times.

Kristine C. Ohler had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and a criminal record

Pawtucket Police dispatcher Michael Fidalgo intentionally pushed a frantic RI E 911 caller, Mr. Colebut, to anger by playing dumb. Fidalgo unnecessarily withheld the EMTs/Firefighters for the sole purpose of “creating an exigent” circumstance. The police dispatcher sent a message to a 911 caller, “I’m going to send the police and you are going to be arrested.” It was Fidalgo’s way of showing a 911 caller who was in charge when Mr. Colebut demanded a rescue.

Yeah I know the police I’m gonna send em out for unknown medical what the f…”, Michael Fidalgo said to the RI E911 Call Taker who did nothing to intervene or stop Fidalgo from delaying medical assistance.

Fidalgo then told the EMTs who were Pawtucket Firefighters to STAGE for police. That is the code to stay away from the location until the police clear the scene of any dangers. Red flags are raised because there was no reason to withhold medical assistance or for the police to arrive and further delay medical assistance. There are a lot of questions that must be addressed and answered. The official records are full of flaws that raise valid questions about the night in question.

RI Pawtucket Police Department Chief Fails to Investigate Dispatcher Michael Fidalgo or the Responding Police Officer’s When Patient Dies

Michael Fidalgo’s reasoning and extreme disregard for human life should not be swept under the rug. This man should not only be investigated but he needs to be examined psychologically. What type of human being could listen to someone begging for help and deliberately refuse to send a rescue? A very dangerous and sick individual, someone who is so full of hatred for others that they are desensitized and cannot feel compassion or empathy.

We all have internal biases that sometimes rise to the surface, and most sane people do not act negatively because of those biases. Unfortunately there are some individuals who simply hate and feel superior to certain groups of people. Heartless individuals like Michael Fidalgo that desire to be a cop or detective should not be answering any type of 911 call, definitely not medical aid calls. A petition to investigate the RI E911 call was made in 2021, but there is no evidence that the RI E911 call taker or the Pawtucket police dispatcher were ever investigated. Why not?

As a matter of fact, information pertaining to the RI E911 call that Victor Colebut made, the name of the Police dispatcher and the Rescue Run Sheet for the night in question, was withheld from Mr. Colebut until mid 2022. However, Mr. Colebut has never received any information that he requested his counsel provide about the Call Taker employed by the Rhode Island E911 Communications Center in N. Scitutate who initially took the call and allowed the dispatcher to re-route a medical emergency call for a rescue to the police.

Have you ever had to call 911 in a medical emergency? Perhaps you know someone who has dialed 911 for an ambulance. If you have experienced the need for help and did dial 911 then you know that panicky feeling as well as the sense of relief when you know help is on the way. Whenever a person is unresponsive or in need of oxygen every single second makes a difference. How long can a human being go without oxygen?

Time is a matter of life and death and Michael Fidalgo’s total disregard for human life as he wasted time pretending to be stupid and pushing a 911 caller to anger before unreasonably holding back the rescue and life-saving equipment was pure evil. Michael Fidalgo should be investigated and held accountable for his despicable actions that did contribute to the patient’s condition worsening and becoming fatal. It is shocking that this person is still employed and is still taking RI E911 calls.

Rhode Island E-911 Telecommunicators will begin to use a new and exciting system called “Emergency Medical Dispatch” (EMD) starting July 26,2022. This system is utilized in more than 3,500 emergency call centers worldwide and is designed to engage callers in the critical minutes between when a 911 call is made and arrival of rescue.

Victor Colebut and Kristine Ohler may have had a rocky past but that does not mean their lives did not and do not matter. They both have families and loved ones despite what the police may have believed. The 911 call that Victor made was probably never suppose to be heard by anyone. Thus the “911 hang-up” lie told by the police.

Question – What was four police officers doing inside a 911 caller’s apartment while he was handcuffed and a woman lay unresponsive? Twenty-four (24) minutes?

Shannon Signore and Jonathan Burke, the prosecutors, are continuing down this path of pursuing and torturing an innocent RI E 911 caller who did the right thing in an over-dose situation.

A.G. Assistant Shannon Signore is a child abuse prosecutor why is she on this case?

Signore and Burke allowed and participated in misconduct before the Grand Jury just to secure the indictment. The Attorney General’s Office is suppose to be trustworthy, fair and unbiased. Its agents are suppose to uphold the laws and constitutions. The conduct exhibited by Rhode Island assistant attorney generals, especially Shannon Signore, is a disgrace to the Rhode Island Judicial System.

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